The Most Important, And Emotional Crisis Essay

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Crisis, a significant emotional event in which people feel a loss of control or are unable to cope. Everyone struggles with conflict in their day to day lives, and if not dealt with soon enough, to many people, it may lead to a crisis. One person’s crisis may not be an issue to another person, but to them it is. This is why crisis is such an open term. It is not something easily defined such as pain or suffering is; but it can cause those emotions in many different people, in many different ways.
The Cause The most important, and emotional crisis I have dealt with in my life is something a lot of other people have gone through, but yet the ones who not, do not fully understand what it is like. When I was three, my parents decided to get a divorce, and the process went on until I was five. At that age, I grew up mostly with my father, and rarely saw my mother. From what I can remember, I started seeing her when I was seven. The odd weekend here and there, and in the summer I would live with my mom in Calgary for July, and my dad in August in Vegreville. It was not much of a crisis back then, but as I grew older it, it the emotions and confusion grew with me.
The Behaviour of the Participants Growing up with divorced parents grew tougher and tougher, and to this day, it still is. I am an adult now, and yet I am dealing with a crisis that I have dealt with since I was a toddler. Others without divorced parents do not understand to the full extent what it is like. On the…

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