Essay on The Most Helpful Person Of My Peers

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Back in my middle school years, I was always the most helpful person to my peers. I knew what the homework was, when projects were due, all test dates and materials, and all class notes. All my classmates would flock to me like sheep in hopes of getting the answers to their questions. What’s all the homework from today? When’s the next science test? What did we learn in algebra? I heard these questions everyday, but being the “nice” person I was, I answered all of them. I was then pronounced as the go-to person for school related things starting seventh grade. In eighth grade, I was once again the designated person for help. Soon, people didn’t just ask me for help, they asked me for my homework. I was a very gullible person so I would just give them my homework. They reassured me by saying: “Oh I’m not going to copy it, I’m just comparing the answers.” I instantly believed them because I didn’t think they would take advantage of my generosity. This became a daily routine until one day I noticed that my peers were actually lying to me and taking my niceness for granted. Being taken advantage of is also part of the reason why victims are being used for human trafficking. All cases of human trafficking start off with the victim being convinced to leave with the trafficker for a better life. Victims of human trafficking live the rest of their life in fear all because they were being taken advantage of. “Human trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 times,” by rafael…

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