The Most Harmful Effects Of Cyberbullying And The Internet

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In this generation with everyone having access to the internet on their computers or smartphones, people are now able to have faster answers and are able to connect to another person quicker. But people, specifically adolescents, are relying so much on the internet that there is a toll being taken on their psychological and emotional well-being. Adolescents themselves will not see the problem because they are too dependent on the internet, and the “perks” of the internet such as social media, to confirm relationship statuses, social statuses or to just have an escape from the outside world. The internet has grown from the time it first came out and has been a focal point in an adolescents life. The internet has helped to find and access information …show more content…
Cyberbullying is an effective form of bullying that has psychologically damaged both the bully and the victim, and in many cases has led to dangerous situations and even death for either party. Cyberbullying allows the bully to stalk their victim through the internet and harass them in an number of ways including writing harsh comments on a social network or posting something mean to that social network where a lot of people can see it (Beran et al 210). Cyberbullying is known to occur from children in elementary school to even college students which shows that all adolescents and even young adults are vulnerable. Allison Schenk, a professor in the Department of Psychology at the West Virginia University, argues that cyberbullying is becoming a problem especially with the use if the internet available. She says that, “Being a victim of cyberbullying has been associated with many negative outcomes ranging from emotional distress, to increased suicidality” (Schenk et al). Given the cases of cyberbully victims completing suicide, research has begun to examine the relation between cyberbullying and suicidality. Schenk includes research from a study done by Hinduja and Patchin, two researchers who did studies on cyberbullying and suicide. She says that after a random, survey-sample of 1963 middle school students in the United States, “Results indicated that both victims and perpetrators endorsed having more suicidal thoughts and attempting suicide more than peers who were not involved in cyberbullying” (Schenk et al). Cyberbullying is not a one way street because both the bully and victim are being affected emotionally in a very negative way. The victim feels isolated and starts to become depressed and then forms thoughts of suicide. The bully on the other hand starts their bullying because of emotions much as

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