Essay on The Most Grisly Viruses And Bacteria

1029 Words Oct 20th, 2016 5 Pages
Humans, in many ways have made great progress at advancing our society, especially in the medical field. We’ve diminished the prevalence of some of the most gruesome viruses and bacteria in the world, and even have flat out eradicated some. We’ve turned multitudes of illnesses, once deadly into simple few day cures, while lieing in bed with a cup of chicken noodle soup and the newest tv show on. As the decades have passed, our knowledge of the human body has grown infinitely. We always seem to have cure for almost every malady tainting human society. But with all of mankind 's progressive, we’ve created an evil like persona around one of our greatest friends, the simple bacteria - or as we like to slur it, the germ. From all the ravishing that a few bad apples, like Tuberculosis, Syphilis, or E. Coli, we’ve become afraid of bacteria, and we’ve lost sight of the fact that bacteria and humans have grown up together for millions of years, and offer bountiful resources to one another. Almost everything in the average American’s life is surrounded by the simple processes we use to combat bacteria. We’re all taught as kids to not pick our noises, sneeze into our arms, and wash our hands, both before we eat and after we use the bathroom. Our parents clean out our cuts, wash the dishes, and lysol spray just about every surface twice. Many of our food is processed and cleaned with chemicals to remove bacteria. Even your everyday doctor over prescribes antibiotics left and right to…

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