The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Some are small incidences while some have had great impact on me. I have many embarrassing memories within and out of school. One of the embarrassing incident that happened was last year I accidently went through the hallway where the boys of the football team were changing and it was so embarrassing because I was the only girl in that hallway. Another incident that happened was a scary one; I was driving with my mom and almost got into a car accident and the only reason why we survived was because I pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes. It was a really scary experience for me and my mom and since then my mom has been scared to drive with me. In the Christmas breaks, my family and I went to India for three weeks to attend my cousin’s wedding and two other weddings. We lived in Punjab and then later went to Uttar Pradesh which is close to Nepal. It was a fun trip because it was our first time going together as a family.
I have focused on achieving my goals, participating in extracurricular activities, and doing well in all my classes. Currently, I have joined the peer helpers club and student activity council club. I have set many goals for myself. My goals are to graduate from high school and get into university and do my major in art history. In the class, I got the chance to interview three people who I didn`t know and related to them. I interviewed Henry who is
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Her goals are similar to mine, she also wants to finish high school and get into university but she decides to go into a career related to business. She has always loved travelling and has travelled to New York, England and India. Sabiha and I were similar in some ways; we both are very religious and like to join extra-curricular activities such as soccer and students activity council. The third person I interviewed was Saj. Saj was born in Montreal and came to Toronto with her family. She has a younger sibling who she doesn’t get along with, just like me. She plans to become a lawyer or any other career related to law. Saj and I were similar in some ways we both enjoy reading love and mystery books and both enjoy …show more content…
The open-ended nature of the design challenge affected me by allowing to express my feelings and thoughts in my artwork.

5. I felt uncomfortable with the lack of reference material because it was difficult for me to just use the black construction paper. So, I just had to use the construction paper to make the image without changing the shape of the pieces.

6. Yes, I think my results would have been better with resource material being available because I could add more details to my image with the other materials.

7. Yes, I find the image that I have created interesting because I like the way how the emotion I was attempting to create in my image is being expressed in my artwork. Also, if an audience looks at this artwork they can observe the emotion that is being expressed in the image.

8. No, I did not find the image that I have created to be of high-quality because it is a quick artwork and I did not put a large amount effort it in.

9. Yes, I think I could have created an image such as this one other way because I could creat another image that symbolizes or expresses

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