The Most Effective Leader I Know Essay

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The most effective leader I know is Mrs. Lori Pierce. Most recently, she was my speech coach, but she was also my drama director and 6th grade teacher. Also, she is the elementary coordinator. In the community, she serves on the Alpine Village Retirement Home Board of Directors and is an active member of the United Methodist Church. Clearly, Mrs. Pierce has the resume of a good leader, but what really astounds me is her ability to work with people of all ages. There are a lot of good coaches in various activities, but Mrs. Pierce is not only a good high school speech and drama coach, but is an amazing 6th grade teacher. Plus, she is a leader amongst the faculty and maintains a lot of respect from her colleagues. She is not afraid to stick up to the administration and make her departments and demands heard. My contact with Mrs. Pierce began in 6th grade when she was my teacher. She has a reputation for being a tough, competent teacher who covers a lot of material and assigns a lot of homework…she was indeed. Needless to say, I learned an incredible amount of information that year, but I also grew into a responsible student ready for junior high under her guidance. Likewise, all of my classmates really stepped up to the plate and matured that year with her support and teaching. Because she pushed us as close to our full potential as possible, we accomplished great things that year and had solid foundation for junior high and high school. Not only is Mrs. Pierce great at…

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