Essay about The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Cornell

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The most intelligent, yet barbaric and aggressive character ever created, from my viewpoint and/or in my opinion, is in The Most Dangerous Game written by Richard Cornell. This character is known as General Zaroff. This character enjoys hunting human beings on his island due to loss of interest of hunting animals. Human beings that stumble upon his island have to play by his rules and are challenged to see if they can survive three days while being hunted by the master of hunting. General Zaroff has never lost at his own game until Rainsford turned General Zaroff into his prey. Rainsford did eventually kill General Zaroff in the game that General Zaroff had never before lost.
General Zaroff is very intelligent and devious throughout the play. He shows his intelligence by how he tricks human beings into thinking that he, General Zaroff, is a caring, thoughtful, and a kind man. To do this General Zaroff offers them food, warm clothes, and a place to sleep. When in reality General Zaroff is doing this so he can study his prey. Also, General Zaroff does this so that human beings do not have advance notice of the fact that they will soon be hunted by General Zaroff. Rainsford asked General Zaroff, “is there big game on this island?” General Zaroff’s response was: “the biggest”. General Zaroff offered Rainsford dinner and then during dinner General Zaroff said to Rainsford “I had to invent a new animal to hunt” (pg. 70). Once Rainsford comprehended and grasped the fact that…

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