The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell Essay

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Presented in Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game,” is a story that keeps readers thirsting to find out what happens next. It begins on a boat that shortly falls ship-wrecked leaving the only survivor, Sanger Rainsford, fighting against the elements to make it to land. He knows there is civilization somewhere on the island he’s found, called Ship Trap Island, because he had heard gunshots near the island upon his unbeknownst last encounter with the ship. Upon navigating the jungle and its unforgiving terrain, Rainsford is exposed to many lights which he is led to believe is a mirage. Shortly after, he discovers it is a home with a quite peculiar team of individuals residing there: General Zaroff, a very unusual type of hunter, and Ivan, his deaf and irregularly large assistant of sorts. The general leads Rainsford to believe he’s being hospitable all while explaining the hunt he is so enthralled with – that being the hunting of humans. When Rainsford decides that he wants no part of this unethical manhunt, General Zaroff propositions him that he can be hunted by him or be killed by Ivan. The only solution for Rainsford to escape the eminent death of the hunt is to successfully survive for three days, and then he is ushered out into the jungle with a three-hour head start, hunting clothes, food, and a knife and then the hunt begins. In “The Most Dangerous Game,” Connell portrays many themes while focusing on two very important aspects of the story: man vs. nature and…

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