The Most Common Types Of Friends Essay

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How many friends should a person have? Well, a person should watch and see his or her friends and put them in a category where they belong. First, there are friends that are honest friends. Secondly, there are friends that are serious friends. Third, there are friends that are witty friends. These are the three most common types of friends a person can have. Although some people adore their friends, there are categories that define those kinds of friends such as honest, serious, and witty. First and foremost, we will talk about the honest friends. These types of friends are very interesting and adorable. They are a must-have types of friends because they can help a person in many types ways. For example, when a person is in a situation where they are called a liar, the honest friend can come along and tell the truth about what happened and who is right and who is wrong. First, they do not betray a friend in any type, way, or form. They will not go and talk about their friends and betray them and tell others about them. However, they are also really trustworthy. These friends can be trusted in many ways. For example, a person can trust them with there money, life, and also their family. In addition, they also do not make up any type of lie nor lie to there friends. They will not come to their friends and make up a lie where that lie can be serious. To conclude, these are all the things that an honest friend will do to a real friend. These are also some of the expectations…

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