The Most Artists Of The Baroque Period Essay

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Artemisia Gentileschi was probably one of the greatest artists of the Baroque period, especially in Italy. She may be one of the first women during this time period to produce great works of art. However, her work is quite often compared to her father Orzaio, and therefore sometimes she is overlooked. As a historian, Mary Garrard is attempting to show that even though she was a victim of rape and was involved in a notorious trial, Artemisia grew as a painter and flourished on her own. Her “works can be only understood as the products of the artists experience as a woman, especially her rape” (Neuman, 67). Even though many painters during this time produced works that were more interested in beauty and the face, Artemisia’s strengths were in painting hands and strong women. According to Garrard “the hand speaks through movement and shape,” (4) and hands have a “gender dimension” (5). Artemisia’s hands tend to be more determined and masculine rather than feminine in shape. She focuses on women with “strong forearms and firm hands”(5). In the art world, women take on men 's abilities like hammering, painting, and shoving things with their strength. They have the brawn, which is something women are not known for. In figure 3, Lucretia clutches the breast and a sword with a strong forearm and the tension shows in her face (4). In the “Birth of John the Baptist,” all of the women have “powerful forearms that move basins around the space as capably as they got a baby born” (6).…

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