The Most Annoying Little Brother Essay

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I must have the most annoying little brother in the whole world. His gross germ infested hands are always touching my things. He is constantly whining in his nasally little voice. I don’t know why he whines though, he gets EVERYTHING he wants. He is the center of attention. “Maddie, Maddie, Maddie. Do you wanna go outside and play?” “No. I do not want to go outside, John. Its dark. Leave me alone.” I can hear him coming. He runs so obnoxiously up and down the hallways. Tapping on the wall every few steps as if I couldn’t already hear him coming. He always barges into my room without knocking and my pictures behind the door fall to the floor every time. “Maddie, please please will you go outside. I wanna play hide and seek.”
“No, John. Go away. Can’t you find someone else to bug?”
“Get out! I said no. You are so annoying.”
He acts like it’s the end of the world every time I tell him no. He tries to make me feel bad with his big brown eyes and he sticks out his bottom lip to top it off. Well, that may work with my parents, but not on me.
“John why are you still in here? Isn’t it time for you to go to bed?”
“No. I don’t wanna go down there. Its scary. I want my old room back.”
Bothun 2
“You are such a baby. Its only the basement.”
I could hear my mom calling for him, but he just wouldn’t leave. His room is getting redone, so he is sleeping in the guest room in the basement for now. But, he thinks the basement is haunted or something. He…

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