Analysis Of The Mortal Instrument: City Of Bones

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The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones is based on the first novel in Cassandra Claire’s six-book young adult romance/ fantasy series. It is a reaction to Stephenie Meyer’s sparkly- vampire- vs. werewolves- with- six packs saga.
It is a popular series of young adult sci- fi/ fantasy/ romance novels. It is about the story of a teenage girl who develops paranormal gift to see different symbols that are invisible to normal people.
It is a 2013 film based on the book written by Cassandra Claire and directed by Harald Zwart.

The Mortal Instrument has many scenes and a complex plot. It film/ story begins when Clary starting the drawing of different symbols. It is an adventurous and full of fantasies film. There are shadow hunters, werewolves and demons.
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She meets Jace who is a shadow hunter. When her mother was being kidnapped by the two men who are demons because of the Mortal Cup she eventually joined in the shadow hunters with Jace. Her mother‘s boyfriend is also being attacked by the demons because of the magical chalice. Jace helps her to find about her true identity because the witch said that her mom did something for her to control her memory. She found out that her mother was a shadow hunter. They encountered different creature like the vampires, witch and demons. Her friend Simon, who is secretly in love with her also help her. At the middle of the story Clary found out that Jace and her friend Simon have a feeling to her. With the help of Jace, Simon and the two shadow hunters they found out that her mother put the Mortal Cup inside the tarot cards of Madame Dorothea. Only Clary and her mother have the capability to get it. And when Cary gave …show more content…
For those who haven’t yet watched the movie, it’s time for you to watch this. For those who really love sci- fi- fantasy- romance and romance movie, this is suit to you. You will learn to choose the better in all the choices you have. The Mortal Instrument has a variety of genres and themes (fantasy and young adult) but also action, adventure, humor and romance is also an important aspect.

The important lesson I learned is whatever happens tries to choose the best option that will make your life worthwhile. And always remember that choose the one that is not only for your sake but for the sake of the others too. Like what Jace and Clary did. They choose to do the good thing and avoid the evil act.

All in all I can say that the story was really adventurous, enjoyable, and very interesting. We may encounter many problems throughout our lives and these problems will just arise to test our self. Let just try to put God first in everything that we are trying to do. Let’s just not consider are sake but try to analyze if what we are going to do is right or

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