The Mortal God : A True Hero Essay

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The Mortal God A god turned mortal, a young outcast with godlike strength journeys into the world to become a god once more. As young Hercules travels outside his village, he trains to be a hero, faces enemies and pretty damsel named Megara that will change his life. Only then, when he is seen a true hero, he will be satisfied. In Hercules, this Disney movie is based off Greek mythlogy. The outcast Hercules searches to be a true hero, ultimately he will conquer every obstacle that will lead him to regain his life back home with the rest of the gods. The son of Zeus and Hera is turned mortal by Hades only to be killed; Hercules survived and was left with Godlike strength. Hercules stayed on earth therefore raised by a mortal family, his ordinary life was being rejected by society. The young outcast could not control his strength and was constantly destroying everything in his way and although he tried to help people, he was shunned. Hercules parents revealed to him that he was found alone; afterwards he receives the call to adventure, to leave his family and find out who he really was. A trip outside of his village would change his life forever. As Hercules steps into the unknown world he finds himself at Mt. Olympus, the home of the gods to look for guidance. Humbly standing in a temple Zeus reveals himself to his son. Hercules stands in awe and fear as he could not grasp what he had been told, his fear to call was his disbelief regardless of this he set out to venture…

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