Argument Against Active Euthanasia

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Active euthanasia is when someone takes the direct action to kill someone, it also can be described as “mercy killing “. It could be argued morally that active euthanasia is right due to the person only wanting to end the suffering of the patient. Therefore they are only acting off of what they feel is right. Yet if one believes in a higher power in certain religions killing is a sin, and is wrong no matter if the reasoning is for better judgement. Passive euthanasia is when someone allows another person to die without doing something. So withholding or withdrawal of help is considered “passive”. Morally this concept can be argued either to be wrong or right, because when the doctor is removing a ventilator upon the request of the family, this act is performing their job. While the act is not a personal choice or may not even be agreed upon, it is a simple act of following orders. Therefore the issue would stem from the patient / family, because they would have to make the choice that …show more content…
If it was my life to make a choice about I wouldn’t agree to the act, because I feel that this in a way is aiding death. When your body is ready to stop and give up a fight it will, until then mentally I will fight as long as my body allows me. Nevertheless, morally I don’t feel like this is wrong, it just depends on your personal choice. From a doctor’s role, it is obeying a request of the family or patient. They do not personally choose to not help the patient. It is something they must obey because a person is entitled to their rights. A good example of passive euthanasia is “DNR’s “an order to do not resuscitate , if disobeyed by the doctor the patient and family can then sue and cause future havoc for both parties. While I think a higher power has nothing written in stone about this being a sin it’s all depending upon how you look at the situation. It can be argued to be right or

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