Summary: The Morality Of Hunting

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Hunting is a past time enjoyed by friends and family. Hunting gives people, a sense of adventure, accomplishment, fun and bonding; however, does hunting question the morality of how humans treat the lives of other living species? Should hunting animals be put to a stop for the brutality of the nature or be continued for the better and inevitable death of the animals? Kelley & Rule (2013) talk about how hunters use two types of patterns. The two different patterns are love and kill. The love pattern portrays the relationship and respect that the predator has for its prey. The kill pattern is focused on the violence of killing the prey. Two years ago, I was a vegetarian; I did not believe in killing animals for sport and fun. My family loves to hunt; they have partaken in quail, javelina and deer. I have never gone to a hunt before. I was not a fan of hunting, because of the violence the sport supported. Then
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Hunters support the topic of animals being hunted, because that is their hobby, sport, and/or a chance to have fun with friends and family. According to Webster (2016), a sport is considered a physical activity in which requires skill sets and certain rules. From the paragraph above, it was proved that hunting does have specific rules that hunters are required to follow. Hunting does require skills and practice to be able to shoot an animal of any species. In order to be able to shoot the hunted animal, hunters need to know how to track their prey. Hunters also need to walk miles into forests and follow tracks in order to spot the targeted animal. Also, hunters need to have the knowledge of what to do after the kill. Once the animal is killed, the hunters need to know how to preserve and prepare the dead animal. The kill is exciting, but it contains a lot of work afterwards. Hunting is a popular sport that requires a lot of physical endurance, knowledge, and nature

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