Negative Effects Of Lies In The Crucible

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What is the percentage of people lying around the world? Is lying a positive way to handle situations? Lies can affect someone's relationship with one person through not confessing their mistakes. Lies can lead someone to be haunted by their past. In Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” he illustrates the morality of lying can be a negative impact through Proctors lost of power, view of identity, and consequences. In Act III through Proctor confessing his sins he makes Abigail, Danforth, and Giles gain power. In Act III Proctor decides to confess while making Abigail, Danforth, and Giles gain power while he loses. This is seen when he asserts, “she used to serve me in my house, sir. A man may think god sleeps, but god sees everything i know it now.” (Miller 85). Significantly this demonstrates that him confessing makes him be a liar to the people. By Proctor confessing his errors he gives power Abigail, Danforth, and Giles as a result of him giving them evidence to accuse …show more content…
In Act III Proctor revealing his secret of his past causes him to look bad. For example Proctor indicates this, “In the proper place—where my beasts are bedded. On the last night of my joy, some eight months past. She used to serve me in my house, sir.He has to clamp his jaw to keep from weeping.” (Miller 85). For example his confession of his past makes his identity look negative due to that he shows them what he has done wrong. Here Proctor’s confession is viewed negatively as a result that no one knew that he had done a bad thing with Abigail. This indicates that he ruined his identity by confessing his dark secret with the others which gives the others look at him as guilty. Furthermore his confession can bring him to have consequence and also to be guilty. Ultimately his actions that led him to confess make his reputation look bad due to him always being a good

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