Essay on The Morality Of Capital Punishment

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"To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice." Desmond Tutu said this and I could not agree more. I think that capital punishment is morality wrong, and that Walter Berns’ “The Morality of Capital Punishment” article in Exploring Ethics fails on many grounds. Berns uses anger and a politically correct government to advocate the use of capital punishment. I am going to try and prove that Burns is wrong, and that by killing we are only fueling the fire and a continuous cycle. Also, by killing we are taking away a fundamental right we are born with: the right to live. Burns is stuck on this idea that by being angry, we show that we care; he states “ if someone does not become angry with an insult or an injury suffered unjustly, we tend to think he does not think much of himself ”(Burns 313). While this is true for some people it is not true for all. I think that if someone does not become angry, when someone insults or injuries them that maybe they are being the bigger person. They may not care about little things, and believe that people make mistakes, and they can be forgiven. I think it absurd to think that Burns first reaction is to jump to anger. If we jump to anger, are we not causing additional unnecessary anger, and tension between people ? For example if someone calls you a name while you are walking down the street and this name is insulting to you, Burns is saying you should feel angry, and seek justice for this insult. Berns believes it…

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