The Morality Of Birth Control Essay

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Leave it up to the woman “No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body ” (Margaret Sanger). In society birth control can be seen as a positive or negative connotation. For instance people who are religious have different views on whether a woman should take birth control due to their spirituality. The use of birth control should not be determined by religious or moral opinions or even men, but by the woman who is seeking it. Birth control is not immoral. It is the woman 's right to choose whether to endure nine months of sleepless nights, weight gain, and childbirth. In the speech “The Morality of Birth Control” Margaret Sanger emphasizes her beliefs that women should have the right to make the decision to protect themselves from pregnancy. The mission of birth control is not only to prevent pregnancy but also to protect the women who may not want motherhood and the unborn lives who may be up for adoption, or lacking a father figure. Pregnancy may be beautiful for some but not for all, motherhood is a considerable challenge. Birth control is suitable for women who aren 't willing to take on the responsibility of another life. Margaret Sanger reveals “The selfish gratification of temporary desire at the expense of suffering to lives that will come may seem very beautiful to some, but it is not our conception of civilization, or is it our concept of morality”. For example if a woman becomes pregnant and isn 't ready for motherhood she may…

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