The Morality And Illegal Immigration Essay

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Morality and Illegal Immigration The 2016 presidential election discusses many different topics, one of those topics being the laws, actions and the morality of illegal immigration. While there are negative influences and positive attributes that come along with illegal immigrants such as drugs and crime, there are also positive influences that immigration brings such as bringing more jobs, creating larger work environments, and their skilled entrepreneurship. The morality of illegal immigration is that it helps families become more stable in finances, education, and safety.

Since 1790, when the first Naturalization Act was passed stating that “ … any alien, being a free white person, may be admitted to become a citizen of the United States…” we have had immigrants from around the world come to the United States. From 1790 immigration rates have been on a roller coaster declining and increasing at an abnormal rate. The problems started to arise in the early 1960’s when many American’s called for immigration reform, the resulted in the Hart-Cellar Immigration act of 1965 which terminated the quota system put in place but helped reunite foreign families and capped the rate of legal immigrants to 170,00 per year.

While entering another country illegally is not seen as a moral thing to do because of many reasons, as a country we cannot afford to send 11.2 million people back to their country. So for the people who are already here we should…

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