The Moral Value Of Human Conduct Essay

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According to the Oxford Dictionary ethic means “a moral fitness of a decisions, course of action and the study of the moral value of human conduct.” Ethics is basically standards that are between what’s right and wrong as well as what are good and bad. Nowadays, psychological experiments were required to followed ethical rules where it is conducted in ways that it is good and right. If the experiment does not follow the ethical standard, the experiment is then classified as unethical. In this essay two psychology studies will be further discussed. One of the studies is viewed unethical whilst the other is viewed ethical. These two experiments will be compared as to whether the experiment has followed the ethical guideline. The APS (Australian Pscyhology Society) Code of Ethics outlines some ethical consideration that should be involved within an experiment. For example, it states that “Psychologists take reasonable steps to prevent harm occurring as a result of their conduct”. It also explains how the psychologists must ensure consent is informed to the participants, the participant remains anonymous and many more. These two studies are evaluated due to the fact that it will help address the past and future of ethics within psychology.

In 1939 a study was conducted by American psychologist Wendell Johnson at University of Iowa. Dr. Johnson wanted to discover the cause of stuttering by attempting to turn orphans into stutterers. Wendell thought that through labelling…

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