The Moral Theory Of Virtue Ethics Essay

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Virtue Ethics
In this paper, I endorse virtue ethics because I find it to be the most accurate moral theory that we have considered thus far. One persuasive moral theory is utilitarianism. Philosophers who endorse this theory argue that the greatest good for utilitarian’s is pleasure. However, pleasure causes problems for utilitarian’s because it is considering the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people. The main objective being considered in utilitarianism is quantity vs. quality.
For example, in a railroad situation, the conductor (which is utilitarian) takes the usual route of just following the tracks straight ahead in order to drop of his load and this route the conductor gets to his destination five minutes earlier. Instead today was a little different the straight ahead route has five workers working on the trail and the curve about trail which will add ten minutes onto the route has one worker working on the trail. The mind frame of this utilitarian is to go and take the curve about route because the conductor would rather kill one person and sacrifice the five workers due to the happiness for the greatness number of people. How is that justified? The conductor is still killing an innocent person and now the conductor’s family has to mourn the death of their loved one, but in the conductor mind frame it is justified because the lives of five workers were saved instead. No matter how you look at one worker still lost their life at the end of…

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