The Moral Rules Of Morality Essay

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The term “Moral” is concerned with principles of both right and wrong behavior along goodness or even badness of the human character. It may also be termed as individual’s standards of behavior or even beliefs concerning what is right or wrong and not acceptable to other individuals. According to Kant, the moral requirements are well based on the standards of rationality (Dreier, 2005). Morality is a norm whereby the act of morality seems crucial for anyone who takes the moral claims. The practice of morality does not have any effect on the behavior. Kant argues that, the morally important thing is not consequences but the way the choosers think about when making choices or decisions. One kind of thing is inherently good and that it is the good will which is human’s power of the rational moral choice. Therefore, the will is good when it acts out of duty but not out of the inclination. There are some reason why individuals should be moral. One of these reasons is that God commands moral practices. The moral rules comes from God and people are supposed to obey these moral rules. These morals are based on religions and people may be moral because of their religious teaching background. The reason for adhering to the rules is because God’s rules are moral and they are also good rules (Morrisson, 2008). The other reason why be moral is because happiness requires it. According to Aristotle and the modern virtue ethics, morality aligns with happiness. Human nature incurs social…

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