Essay about The Moral Responsibility Of Human Rights Violations

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Every day in our daily lives, there is always someone who is in trouble in some country. And in some cases, they may not be the only one who is suffering in that very country. That is the kind of epidemic that we are facing today, in which many people are suffering hardships in their country in which violates their basic human rights. And while I am a person who believes that we should help people with their needs, I also believe that we must first be ready to help out, in which we currently are not. Therefore, the United States does not have a moral responsibility to intervene in countries where human rights violations are occurring because we are in no state into helping as we have own problems, it is their responsibility to intervene, and we aren’t the world’s police officer.

In order to help out those in need, we must first focus on our own country. As we all know, America is not perfect, and does indeed have problems of its own that need to be fixed. Take for instance the homeless population that we currently have in the US, which is a problem that we have been facing for a long time now. But it’s not only the homeless, more and more of our schools are suffering with limited supplies in order to help out our children, and the fact that we have a massive crippling debt above our heads, in which totals, from 2012, to 16.3 trillion dollars, which is increasing every day in our lives. This does not make any sense. It is especially unfair if there are people who have little…

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