Essay on The Moral Reasoning Of Pakistan

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Moral Reasoning

On April 8, 2014 journalist Declan Walsh of the New York Times wrote an article about Musa Khan, a 9-month-old boy from Pakistan, who was taken into custody by officers claiming that he participated in throwing stones at gas company workers. The gas company workers were trying to disconnect the gas from households that failed to pay their gas bills. The baby was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He was also charged with threatening police and interfering in an investigation. His father was one of many men arrested as well. In our society when is a child accountable for their actions? Is a child mentally aware of any crimes they commit, or is there a certain age a child should be to face charges?
In Pakistan children are held accountable for all crimes at the age of seven. It is not uncommon for a murder trial to be held for an adolescence charged as an adult in Pakistan, however, in the United States they are sent to a juvenile detention facility where they can serve time for their crimes they committed. Is this really the way that we should handle such a critical situation? Many children are following what they see from the adults that are around them. As in early observational Learning (Modeling) Albert Bandura did an experiment with a Bobo doll. This experiment was done to show aggression with modelling. If a child see you punching and hitting they will follow, as a matter of fact they will show their peers what they saw. In the case a…

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