Oxy Acetylene Welding Essay

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1. Introduction
Oxy Acetylene welding is one of many kinds of welding. The fundamental process is to joint two parts of metal becoming one part by a high temperature. The thermal flame is created by using the mixing of oxygen and acetylene gas (anthonycastronovo, nd)

2. Compatible materials are used for oxy acetylene welding:
- Mild steel
Aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass. However these things are suitable for brazing process (anthonycastronovo, nd)

3. Before the welding procedure is being done
We carry out the oxy welding, all follow things are needed to prepare firstly such as oxy acetylene tools, equipment, face-shield, gloves and filler rods
It is necessary to discard dirty on the surface of welded objects. Occasionally, a wire brush
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Then it is plugged in to the gas feed line by our hand
We need to check tanks containing the oxygen and acetylene container whether they are leakage. The pressure of the acetylene container is 50 PSI (anthonycastronovo, nd)

4. Creating the flame:
- The main valve of acetylene container is turned about one and half twist.
- The pressure regulator which is located on the container are also turned on. We need to regulate the valve pressure of acetylenes until the needle on the meter reaches 5 PSI. Do not turn the valve until 15 PSI because of explosion.
- The acetylene pin valve is turned to withdraw the remaining gas inside. Then the pressure regulator valve is turned on till the pressure reaches 5 PSI. Turning the pin valve off.
- The major valve of the oxygen container is turned on totally.
- The pressure regulator valve of the oxygen tank is also opened and regulate the pressure reaching to 10 PSI
- We also open the pin valve to let the gas exiting little. Then we turn the pressure regulator valve to get 10 PSI and turn the pin valve off.
The process is done carefully without anything combustible or people in front of the

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