The Moral Platform And Accomplishments Of Madame Cj Walker Essay

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"There is no royal flower-strewn path to success. And if there is, I have not found it - for if I have accomplished anything in life, it is because I have been willing to work hard."—Madame CJ Walker In my previous writings, I’ve shared my mission and purpose. I also included information regarding my professional background to amplify my values and vision. However, I would like to explore the life of one exemplary business leader—Madame CJ Walker. Walker’s path to success was during a tumultuous time in our American history.
America is a multi-cultural mosaic, because of the different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and creeds. However, African-Americans’ and especially African American women have been marginalized in centers of power due to years of oppression. Therefore, to celebrate my heritage I decided to discuss the moral platform and accomplishments of Madame CJ Walker. Walker developed and marketed beauty and hair care products for women of color during the Jim Crow era. She is considered to be a self-made millionaire that valued social justice, women empowerment, and spirituality. Although, Walker came from humble beginnings, she transformed herself into one of the most successful women in the 19th century.
Historical Context: What makes Madame CJ Walker’s story amazing is that she defied the odds. During the Jim Crow era, laws were implemented to stall the economic growth and development of those in the black community. So, one can conclude that…

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