Essay on The Moral Monster Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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The Moral Monster
A monster may be considered a viable or nonviable element of which provokes the fear of mankind whether it be of appearance, abnormality, or the effect it could cause. What is the line between monster and man? “Regardless of the intentions of the creator, should he fail to provide the necessary support for his creation, that being will undoubtedly become a monster.” (Rosenberger 1). The juxtaposition of the goods and bads of technology forces people to gauge if technology is actually helping or hurting mankind. Mary Shelley is against the advancement of technology. Shelley fears that technology is monstrous. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein she shows her opinions on science and technology and how it negatively affects society. Shelley’s fear of technological advancement is still valid today in this rapidly advancing era. Shelley’s opinions on cloning would be those of disgust and repulsion. Throughout Frankenstein, Shelley weaves in her perspectives of the innovation of technology and when it is taken to far. Shelly would strongly disapprove of cloning technology.
Man is made a monster in Frankenstein when Victor immorally created life out of what was already deceased. Once the living has passed, it is socially immoral to bring it back to life again. The process of an unnatural birth upsets the pure balance of nature. When a being dies, its life on earth is put to an end. For an individual to upset that equity with the pattern of nature is unjust. It 's not…

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