The Moral Dilemmas And Implications Of Dentition Making

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Dentition Making Certainly, in one point of our life we have question ourselves on how to accomplish the most accurate decision in a moral dilemma. Imagine this scenario, you are a doctor in an oncology ward in a major city that is strapped for financial and material resources. The hospital admitted two new patients. One patient is suffering from a seemingly incurable form of cancer. She has a family for whom she is the primary breadwinner. You know that there is an experimental drug that you could prescribe to her that may help, but that there are significant risks to her health in trying this new medication on her. The second patient seemed to be well on his way to recovering from his own bout with cancer, but this recent admission to the …show more content…
The main claim of this concept stablish that “an action is morally right just because it is required by an optimific social rule”. To have a better understanding of this view it is important to realize that optimific is the best possible consequences of an action. To illustrate this, imagine the wreck of a ship. In this scenario the optimific action is to salve women and children according to our social rules. The principal exponent of this view Brad Hook claimed that there are only two intrinsic values; happiness and justice. According to this concept to determinate if an action is good or wrong the result must be accepted by our social rules. Besides, this claim announce that when we focus on the better possible choice we fail in favor to our notion of justice. Moreover, Rule-Utilitarians support the concept that moral allows partiality. For example, you are involve in a plane crash and your siblings are with you. This claim establish that give preference to our love one would be highly beneficial. Bringing back the scenario of the cancer patients, the Doctor will seek to help the woman. It would not be morally write to deny the help or evict her just because she has a seemingly incurable form of cancer since there still the possibility that she survives. Besides, our society always supports the well-being of families. If this woman do not receives the experimental drug may not survive the battle against cancer leaving her family unprotected after all she is primary source of breadwinner. Not helping her will not accomplish our notion of justice and neither our social

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