Essay The Moral Dilemma Of The Act

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The act is the action that the person has committed, so it’s basically the cause portion of cause and effect as committing a “right” action will result in a good outcome and a “wrong” action will result in a bad outcome. The consequences of the act is basically the effect portion of cause and effect, so if a person does something wrong then the person will receive a negative outcome and if a person does something good then the will positive outcome. The moral agent is a person’s ability to make moral judgment based on their notion of “right” and “wrong” and also accepts the consequences of their actions, which is to see if the person can act as a rational being when facing a moral dilemma. In a moral dilemma that are two or more options available to a person and the options available may all be moral answers, but only one of them is the “right” answer. There are many ways that people use in order to find their “right” answer when facing a moral dilemma and their “right” may be “wrong” to somebody else. My belief is that a “right” answer is the best net positive result for the individual making the decision as the individual is a rational being and will pick the choice that he likes the best, which can be due to many things like self-interest or selfless.

There are many false starts in moral philosophy, but the major false starts are Cultural Relativism and Divine Command. The belief of Cultural Relativism is that morals in one culture does not have to apply in other…

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