Essay about The Moral Decision Of My Life

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During my forty-eight years of life I have encountered many morally ethical decisions. Some decisions I have made ethically and then others I have made just for my own selfish interests. Until recently I have never had to make a decision as hard as the one I am about to explain. To start off I must explain my family situation. My parents, who are both in their seventies, myself and two younger sisters. I have one son seventeen, and my sister 's also have boys. Michele the one closest in age top mine has a four year-old, and Mandy the youngest has two boys age seventeen and five. Neither of my sister’s children’s fathers are in their life, which makes me my nephew’s male role model. We have always had a great relationship caring for each other’s families. We were all raised Catholic, but it was only my youngest sister Mandy who was still practicing. This is how the decision I made makes it the most difficult moral decision I have ever made. My sister Mandy two years–ago was diagnosed with leukemia. The whole family struggled during this time helping take care of her children while she would be in the hospital for months at a time. She would never lose her faith and never gave up her fight. She finally made it into remission and seem to be on track for a recovery. We all thought that she was going to be in the elite group of cancer survivors. Late last year her leukemia resurfaced, and she became very ill once again. She tried every possible treatment that was…

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