The Moral And Ethical Principles Of Accountants Essay

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Accountants play a valuable role in Business Laws and in order to fulfill with the moral and ethical principles, accountants should do all their work in an accurate and detailed manner. They have to prove with their work all the knowledge and experience acquired throughout their professional pathway and in turn, provide confidence to its customers by proving that they are working in a professional manner and within the established laws. The role that an accountant develops is crucial for any business organization or individual, since they bring essential information about their financial status and tax returns. As any professional, accountants are committed to meet the required standards of conduct as well as to comply with all the ethical codes generated specifically for its profession, work environment, and any statute and judicial affair. Nonetheless, accountants must perform within the traditional standards of knowledge, judgment and care with the aim to produce a high-quality, professional, and ethical work.
To achieve a high-quality professional service, accountants have their own standards and ethical codes. Through these, the rules, norms, agreements, and operation procedures are determined and developed. These two fundamental standards are entitled as generally accepted accounting principles better known as “GAAP”, and generally accepted auditing standards best known as “GAAS”. By following both principles and working within the legal statues, accountants would…

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