The Moral And Ethical Dilemmas In My Sister's Keeper

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Young Anna states, “See, unlike the rest of the free world, I didn 't get here by accident. And if your parents have you for a reason then that reason better exist. Because once it 's gone, so are you” (22). Anna is a thirteen year old girl who struggles with the difficulty of ownership of her body. Being a designer baby, made only to keep her older sister alive, Anna strives for a better life and a more logical solution to the continuous torture she endures throughout the novel. “My Sister’s Keeper” discusses the ambiguous line between right and wrong and how a sister’s bond keeps these two girls closer than ever while Anna fights for the right to her body. As the novel progresses there is a common question written between every page. Anna …show more content…
It is said that many children in general do not comprehend the full extent of the medical procedures they are subjecting to, but that is no excuse for a capable adolescent to have a say over their body. Continuing with the Virginia Bernhagen article, it discusses, “ some individuals and groups believe that an embryo has the ‘right to life’ equivalent to a child, so they oppose any technology which would result in excess embryos that could be discarded...Another ethical stance people take against the creation of a savior sibling deals with the reasoning behind the decision to have a child..whether the child is wanted for his own sake, or if he will be used as a means to an end” (15-16). A donor baby, like described in the textual evidence, is created and the ethical issue is whether this baby was created just to save another life and once its purpose is done it will be neglected or abandoned by its parents. Also relating back to the emotional side of the controversy it all ties into the unjust and undefined line of having a child when all you want is its body parts. Obviously, it will take more than one try for an embryo to be a hundred percent match to its sibling. Causing much dispution, an embryo is a baby and thus should have the chance to live its life without being discarded due to the fact that it is not perfect. The girls in this book have a sister bond so strong it is like they are one in the same as said by Anna who struggles with the fact that her whole purpose for existing is to be a constant supply for her sister in order to keep Kate alive. Anna was genetically engineered and created for one reason: Not out of the desire to add to the family or have another baby out of joy, but as a unstable fix to an irreparable situation. Anna discusses in the book that babies are made by accident or there to fix things and most of the time it doesn 't work. She also

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