Essay on The Montessori Materials

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The Materials
“The Montessori materials are often called the didactic or teaching materials, but their more accurate name would be the materials for development. Each of the sensorial materials is, in fact, a series of objects with which the child carries out a definite piece of work, which assists and directs the development of his personality.” There are a variety of Montessori materials in the Sensorial area. Each one isolates a particular sense to be trained, and has varying levels of discrimination. The young child works with the Knobbed cylinders, which serves to educate the child’s eye to distinguish difference in dimension. The child will be able to recognize that every cylinder fits exactly in the smaller or larger socket in the block. Montessori materials are aesthetically appealing, and also fosters independence in the child as it provides for auto-education. Control of error lies in the material itself and the child has concrete evidence of it. For Example: Thickest knobbed cylinder would not fit in a thinner socket. They allow for repetition and calls for movement. For example: As the child plays a sensorial game (Generalizing- Color box) with the teacher, the child is required to go around the classroom in order to find a material that matches the color ‘red’. Materials are precise/ exact and prepares for Mathematical Mind. Example: There are 10 Pink tower cubes that increase proportionally in size. They progress from simple to complex; in other words,…

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