The Monster By Toby Litt Essay

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Empiricism litters the landscape of “The Monster” by Toby Litt with every step this monster takes towards discovering the truth of reality. Reality for this being is solely created by mere sensory experience and by random acts of recalling the past. This perception of reality the character unforgettably carries around is ridiculed throughout the story with humorous repetition. Furthermore, humor stands out in “The Monster” by Toby Litt by repetitively mocking Empiricism through the life of a narcissistic monster----an ironic life, since it pursues self-awareness with a memory leak.
Majority of this short story consists of actions the creature commits that leads to his existential perception. Unfortunately, this monster consistently ignores various situations that would lead to immense self-awareness “It had lived for what felt like a long time without mirrors…, or puddles, which it instinctively avoided.” (Litt 249). Not too far from this, the monster proposes his first theory of his physical appearance; which is that he has, “two soft floppy growths upon each side of his head” (249). To no surprise, this monster undoubtedly has two ears on each side of its head; and to no surprise, the monster proceeds to similar conjectures “When our monster hit its head against a tree… the dull ache afterwards helped it locate parts of its body” (250). If only there was some sort of reflection so the creature could know its own complexion; humorous hyperbole is the simplest way to…

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