The Monster And The Police Essay

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General Information “The monster and the police. Dexter to Hobbes” by Mark Neocleous, published in Issue 185 of radical philosophy. The purpose of the article is to identify and respond to the similarities of Hobbes’ Leviathan (published 1651) and the current state of police power in bourgeois modernity. In addition to this goal, it examines the idea that the monstrous “Leviathan” enacted by our modern policing system shares many attributes (and thusly some of the monstrous attributes of) the ‘…the human dross’ that is associated with the Leviathan 's antithesis in the Bible, as well as in modern society, the ‘Behemoth’, which are humans in their natural state. This state is supposedly a “war of all against all”, that the Leviathan’s imposition of order upon would see organized and securitized. The purpose of this study appears to be finding a possible cause of systemic police behaviour which’s actions seem to be ‘monstrous’ much like the Leviathan monster itself. The theoretical framework of the article is a critical analysis of police power that seeks to identify and explain the similarities of the theoretically implemented “Leviathan” and the actions of the police state that fulfil the requirements of Hobbes’ work.

Research Design and Methodology Neocleous’ findings regarding the similarities of the police and the monstrous qualities of the “Leviathan” reflects many other studies on Hobbesian theory and the modernity of the social contract theory that legitimizes…

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