Essay about The Monkey 's Paw Summary

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Monkey’s Paw Summary The story of the monkey was written by a well-known author named W.W. Jacobs. Jacobs was a great English short story writer and he also was a good novel writer as well. Jacobs’s stories and novels had lots of humor and laughter in them which made them standout. W.W. Jacobs was born on September 8th, 1863. To me the story the Monkey’s paw was about a family of three which was a son, mother, and a father. One day an old army friend drops by and decides to introduce the ancient Monkey’s Paw that is by the way hunted. The story takes place on a cold and wet night. The personality of the family is that they are eager to learn facts about the ancient Monkey’s Paw. The moral of the story to me is that the family should have listen to the Sergeant-Major Morris when he tells them about the Monkey’s Paw and how hunted it is throughout the story instead of just taking it in their own hands to find out as the father makes his three wishes. The role of the story was a good feeling in the beginning, then the mood switched up when Morris brought the Monkey’s paw into the house. All throughout the story if the mood had changed from creepy to sad and strange moments. The dark night feeling since it was a late cold and wet night made the mood even stranger, the house was dark with the fire place burning wood brightly. The family of three lived far out which made it even worse. The mood was just as creepy as the setting of the story. The old man and son were playing…

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