How Did Genghis Khan Build The Mongol Empire

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When Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire, he had one goal in mind. His objective was to conquer, to conquer all the lands and make the Mongol Empire the strongest power in the world. In 1209, he won the submission of the Tanggut rulers in northwest China. In 1215, his forces conquered the Jin capital, present-day Beijing, and from there, he turned is expansions westward. In 1219, he invaded Khwarezm, a state that included much of Iran. After a large portion of Iran had fallen, he left command to his low-ranking generals. The people conquered by the Mongols never rose in revolt. Marco Polo describes the conquests of Genghis Khan to be “marvels of peaceful subjugation.”1 He states, “When he had gained and taken the provinces of cities and villages by force, he let no one be killed or spoiled after the …show more content…
By 1234, Ögödei had won control of northern China and was on the verge of attacking the Southern Song. A couple years later, Genghis Khan 's grandson, Batu, conquered Russian territories including, Moscow, Hungary, and Poland. It was only Ögödei 's death that saved Europe from further attacks. However, in the Middle East, a Mongol army terminated the Abbasid caliph and conquered Baghdad.
Each area annexed brought foreign engineers and scholars into the empire which encompassed the Silk Road and with each conquest came the opportunity to control tax and tribute. Through each expansion, the Mongol Empire became more economically and technologically advanced. This period in which the Mongols controlled most of Asia became known as the Pax Mongolica. During the Pax Mongolica, the territory of the Mongol empire became a safe place where commerce and capitalism flourished. The Mongols re-established the Silk Road as a place where Europeans and Eurasian civilizations can travel safely and peacefully on well-maintained

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