The Mongol Empire And The Empire Essay

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Throughout time there has been many large dominating empires in which prospered, but only one caught everyone’s eye. The Mongols prospered in so little time with advanced military tactics, great controlled government system, and rulers to help thrive their spread in time.

The Mongol empire became into creation in 1206 as Chinggiz Khan as their ruler. With just being born they had the largest and longest living empire ever in history in becoming successful. The empire began in Mongolia homelands by Chinggiz, but before changing his name from Temujin. When growing up Chinggiz had the trust of the people and other alliances which helped with his ruling over the citizens at ease and became a trustworthy ruler so there wouldn’t be any uproar of riots within the government.

As the empire started to spread they had the thought that their civilization should be the most dominate on Earth and to be the rightful ruler of a more vast empire by obtaining all of surrounding land, and so they did. By 1215 the empire invaded the northern part of China and destroyed the empire during the Kin dynasty or also known as the Jurchens. Two years later in 1218-1221 in central Asia and northern today known as Afghanistan, were overrun by the Mongols.

After their last few riots with the Russians and Cubans being defeated on the Kalka River in 1227 Chinggiz Khan died during the empires siege of the Tanguts capital. During his passing his sons and a cousin, the land was distributed…

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