The Monetary Policy Of Japan Essay

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The monetary policy was supposed to get everything into normal again, one of the most im-portant things the policy wanted to do was to low the interest rate near zero, however, the Fed-eral Reserve has increased the rates of interest. In Europe there are others banks that are ex-panding the quantitative easing program, which will help to low the interest rate and to increase the money offer, also the Bank of Japan is expecting pick up the pace of its monetary easing.
On the other hand, the emerging economies are tightening more than cutting- except China, which has been focused on cutting- this reflects the worried about the economic growth around the world, for that reason de IMF is applying cuts to developing and advanced economies be-cause their global growth prognostic is 3,1% for 2015 so to reach that goal they need reduced the monetary flow.

In conclusion, the interest rate outlook has been favorable to recover from the wobbles the economies suffered in August and September, which is an encouraging situation for the economy.

There was a meeting with all the leaders of the euro-zone in the principles of July, after this re-union it was carried out the third Greek bail-out, they euro-zone leaders where going to directed the money to the recapitalization of the banks, because of the Greek´s banks have been using for almost a year and a half all of the deposits they have them and they were worried they will be exit from the euro-zone. This year they have elections,…

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