The Monarch Butterfly By Danaus Plexippus Essay

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The monarch butterfly, also known as Danaus plexippus, is recognized as America’s state insect with a wing span of 4 inches and 10 centimeters long – the longest wing span ever recorded within the monarchs’ insect population (Conant, 2012). Monarchs are notorious in the United States because of their spectacular migration across Canada and the United States to the overwintering sites in central Mexico – and back again. In this case, monarchs migrate between 2,000 to 3,000 miles every single year (Urquhart, F.A. and Urquhart, N.R., 1976). A monarchs ' 3,000 mile trip is like a person traveling 275, 000 miles (Opler, 2010) – that’s like walking around Earth eleven times. The main reason why Monarchs migrate from eastern North America to the forests of Oyamel in Michoacán, Mexico, is due to season change, in pursuit for food and water, or in search for a new mate (Conant, 2012). Monarch butterflies fly south to Mexico because it gets colder in the north. The monarchs migrate to approximately 10 to 13 colony sites in the Oyamel forests of central Mexico. The first site of these migrating butterflies was in 1975 when a forest trooper in Mexico stumbled upon the vast number of monarch butterflies resting onto the trees of the Oyamel forest (Urquhart, F.A. and Urquhart, N.R., 1976).
The western populations of monarch butterflies migrate along the Pacific coast of the United States. The eastern population migrates east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada all the…

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