The Moment That Never Forget

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It happened about ten years ago ,but I have to live with it everyday.
I shattered my right patellar and had it replaced with a metal plate. I thought that everything that I have ever worked for ended; as soon as the doctor told my father and me that my patella did not just break in half, it shattered. I thought it was the ending yet it was just the beginning.
It was in the summer of 2006 when I had my accident. I was in Detroit with my mom for most of the summer. I was extremely eager to be playful. I had a four-wheeler. It was my favorite toy. When I got back, from Detroit, I rode my bike dangerously. My dad told me to be careful. I could have hurt myself and I had a cheerleading season coming up. I knew that I could not afford to be injured
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He sounded urgent. I rushed over there. Instead of parking my bike in front of the house and walking towards my dad. I chose to take a different route. When he called me I went towards the basement/garage. I made a sharp left turn, forgetting about the ditch. I made a sharp right. My handle-bars wires came out and I could not turn anymore. The only thing that was in front of me was the ending of the front yard towards the hill to the back yard. I flipped off my bike going down the hill. The only thing that I could do was try to break my fall, so I moved my leg outward so my knee or feet could break my fall. I ended up landing directly on my right knee. When I had fell, I slid down the hill. I blacked out and still to this, day I could not remember what happened on the way to the …show more content…
I was rolled into a quiet, private room, until, I was called into the surgery room. When I was called into the room, I was put to sleep.
When I woke up, I could not feel my right leg. Knowing it was just my knee that had surgery, it was my whole leg that was numb. I stayed in the hospital for about two days. When I went, home I just knew that everything that I had done for the past year, just vanished. I just knew that the future was going to bring me depression.
Three to four weeks passed by, I went to school and back home. No cheer practice. No competitions. Nothing, but school, homework, and television.One faithfull day my dad decided that I could go to practice, just to see what they were working on, not to join in. I had just received my brace for my knee, I thought I knew what my dad was telling me to do. When I got to practice, I took my brace off and started joining in. I thought my dad told me to practice. I did not feel anything until I got home. I felt so much pain, I could not even walk. My dad asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I said no, just take me to my room. I leveled my knee up and iced it. The next day, my knee felt weird, different. It did not hurt, I thought it was okay, so I kept doing what I was

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