The Moment Abraham Lincoln Filed Emancipation Proclamation Essay examples

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January 1, 1863, the moment Abraham Lincoln filed Emancipation Proclamation, is the milestone of a new progressive era for America. It’s an era of a new birth, an era that tremendously changed the definition of freedom. This redefinition of freedom, particularly the freedom of African Americans, was enormously changed from late 19th century to 1930s, from civil war to the Great Depression.
With the purpose of civil war changed after Emancipation Proclamation, union army became an army of freedom, an agent of emancipation, and started wedding the goals of Union and abolition. This progress simply brought freedom to African American in the south immediately. With this freedom granted from Emancipation Proclamation, this newly born American nation has embodied a set of universal ideas, focusing on a democratic political and social system. When the 14th amendment was adopted in 1868, former slaves got the equal protection and rights as freemen. 14th amendment addresses the states to enfranchise blacks in congress to better involve African American in political system. And without any compensation from the confederation, freed slaves get a better chance to sustain themselves financially. What is the freedom really means for African American? This question was further discussed in the Reconstruction era from 1865 to 1877. During the progress of Reconstruction, freedom no longer simply means the absence of slavery, but more human rights were brought into the conservation:…

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