The Moment A Business Stagnates, Competitors. Essay

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In today’s competitive market, there is a constant need to evolve. The moment a business stagnates, competitors outstrip. Hence, there is a strong requirement to focus on how to keep growing. A company has numerous areas to focus on to help cater to the client’s need. This is the time when an outlook directed towards the years to come is ignored. So, to have a promising future for Genco, we have a business proposal.

Genco is a large company that belongs to the health care domain. It started as a manufacturer of medical instruments and equipment. Later it bought its way through into the software sector by acquiring MedCom. At present it is solutions provider catering to hospitals in the back office functions.

At present it does not provide any other software solutions. Moreover, a need to expand is need. This is felt from the fact that large sums of money were involved in the acquisition of MedCom, which in turn have not been able to contribute to the revenue growth in a significant manner. Hence, there is an urgent need to fabricate a plan of action targeting higher revenue growth.

Based on our prior experience and information we have shared some ideas that we believe will bolster a stronger relationship between Genco and KPMH consulting. These business ideas once approved and found feasible would be materialized by us in the future.

The project will be undertaken by market researchers, financial and business analysts, junior consultants led by senior consultants. The…

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