Essay The Module 4 Case Assignment

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The Module 4 Case assignment is about a doctor named Brent Williams and a day in the Sleep Clinic. The case study highlights Dr. Williams’ perception between the cultures of his three different patients. His perception on culture limits his ability to adequately treat some of his patients. Additionally, the case study shows how his nurse Rita is aware of Dr. Williams’ lack of cultural perspective has lost the trust of his patients. Due to this loss of trust, there is a need for Dr. Williams to improve his cultural awareness in order to provide quality care to all patients regardless of their cultural background.
Dr. Williams treats three different patients who all represent different cultural backgrounds. The first patient interaction is a positive encounter because Dr. Williams’ shares a similar cultural background with his patient Johnny Reese and his mother Becky. Dr. Williams and Becky share similar interests and this helps to create a level of ease for Dr. Williams as he is providing care to Johnny. Dr. Williams has a good rapport with Becky giving her details about Johnny’s sleep apnea and offers a detailed explanation of the treatment plan for Johnny Lastly, because of the homogenous cultural backgrounds Dr. Williams believes that the Reese’s are a good family and is willing to accommodate monthly visits because they have good health insurance.
The second and third visits for Dr. Williams are both negative encounters. Dr. Williams’ appointments with the…

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