The Modification Of Roman Civilization Essay

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Modification of Roman Civilization

Rome began as a small city and over time expanded into a great empire. After the period of the seven kings ruled the Romans established a republic. The Roman Republic died and the birth of the Roman Empire began. The first emperor in 27 B.C. was Gaius Octavius Thurinus the senate gave him the name Augustus Caesar. A time in Roman history for peace called pax Romana began in 27 BC and lasted until 180 A.D. Augustus brought desperately needed peace and stability to Rome through government and laws. Trade, culture, and wealth flourished during his reign. Roman civilization was complex, from the people that lived in Rome to the provinces of Rome. The Romans expanded their territory, so the population increased, and cities became advanced. They assimilated the people and culture into their own as they conquered territories.
By the end of Augustus’s reign, he expanded Rome into northern and western Europe. In the second century C.E., trade grew. When conquering Europe, the legionaries would build fortified camps called castras. The military engineers built roads and bridges as they traveled connecting the camps. The roads were necessary for supplies to be replenished and it helped reinforcement troops arrive quickly where needed. Communication improved due to the enormous road system. The roads were also used for a retreat in battle if needed. The roads were used by merchants to trade goods. The roads started in the original part of Rome and…

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