Essay on The Modernization of the Broadway Café

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The Modernization of the Broadway Café


Kim L. Arthur-Brown

A Final report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Information Systems.

Strayer University


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This report examines Café modernization. Based upon historical business models, and ebusiness
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The moderation will consist of many technology implementations. By administering new marketing strategies and new technology (hardware & software), the Café can and will once again become profitable. The first objective is to bring the Café up to the status of a 21st century operated business and to become as strong of a competitor as Barnes and Nobles. Hardware and software applications will be a major component of reorganizing the Café. Historically the Café has a long history and loyal customer base. The Café is also located in a highly visible area, which is another important factor in any business. A business has to be located where customers cannot only see it but have easy access. Society today is all about getting things right now, without a wait. The Café will have to decide whether to make available a drive through service as well as curb side service. These services can increase the customer base as it makes it easier for the customer to pick up their orders whether using the drive thru or curb side service. By still offering the items that have made the Café famous, the Café is now faced with developing new marketing strategies. These strategies will bring in new clientele but also keep loyal customers who have been with the Café for the long haul. The Café cannot operate as it has in the past, because the current method is no longer profitable. Profits are down due to the lack of the ability to offer

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