The Modernist Theories Of Social Structure In Mac Donald

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Register to read the introduction… The origin of the social culture inside the organization in the modernism perspective theory such as In McDonald as modernist theories of social structure is dividing into structural contingency. In mac Donald mechanistic theory are well suitable for the mac Donald environment because in mac Donald the bureaucratic structure are well structured all the task are routinely and the tasks are centralized vertically of command, authority and control. Mc Donald can is a mechanistic organization because the organization role is like machine and each worker just does what is designed to do (McDonald, 2011). Another social structure in modernist theory that mc Donald use are differentiation. Mc Donald use differentiation but with very low degree. One example of that can be when McDonald has introduced to their menu the Mc-cafe line of coffee drinks. As manager of MacDonald Said, McDonald has undertaken the coffee business then become a direct concurrent of Starbucks in the coffee business. But MacDonald has put in place a strong slogan anti-Starbucks, which is “have great coffee drink but without all the smarmy hipper-than-thou trappings of you know who”. That shown that McDonald went for a clear market of costumers who enjoy high end coffee based drinks. Another social structure in McDonald in the modernist theory is specialization and decentralization. Specialization which is to specialize employee at something inside the organization so they only that specific task inside the organization. In McDonald they use specialization to make the worker become good at what they are doing; make their production more efficient and little training need. For example as seen inside MacDonald you can see that task are divide some are just making the burger some labor are just delivery(MacDonald, 2011). …show more content…
Each worker just performs what he as to do. And also at mc Donald the management of the resource that is necessary for the surviving of the organization is according to plan and are dependable.
However in urgent situation in the modern environment the symbolic interpretive might happen, because as keep as going with the routine task, organization will have to face situation created day to day routine task. Therefore the symbolic interpretive might be understand and applied at that moment by Mc Donald. Another reason why McDonald is moving to symbolic interpretive is the human resource at McDonald view about the company shouldn’t be ignored because now feature of the organization environment are create by organization member and can influence all the organization behavior.
We can conclude by saying that even though the structure of McDonald are modernist, but due to the environment and all the detail that are inside or outside the company for its success take place sometime to symbolic interpretative. And the difference between these 2 views can be just according at the perception of different manager which seeing the direction to reach goal differently if not have has both mean to ensure the

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