Essay about The Modern World Of The World

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Since the late 15th century, European Colonization has influenced most of the world through its dialect and culture. According to the United Nations, the role of Standard English has rapidly developed into one of the few languages to become a “world language” (“Official Languages | United”). With a language that can draw diverse emotions in people, there is no doubt that Standard Written English is the most popularly taught language worldwide. Symbols, such as “the American Dream” or "greedy capitalists”, are results of English’s multitude of interpretations and philosophical capabilities. It has become a staple in our society to persuade, claim, and inform, using English because of its universal appeal and vast interpretation.

In addition to the conquest of the New World, Great Britain has forever changed the continents of Africa, Asia, and Australia. According to the National Maritime Museum, British power was so immense it was known as "the Empire on which its sun never set" (“Was It True”). Furthermore, English has become the official language of a multitude of countries whose native dialect is not English, a direct connection to British colonies. As of today, English is the most influential language in existence and determines the work for many. Examples include entrance exams such as the SAT’s, GRE’s, and GMAT, and common business work such as the stock market. Not only has Great Britain influenced English’s control over the world, the United States’ global influence…

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