The Modern World Of Civil Society Essay

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Hegel’s idea that the modern world of civil society is created through selfish ends and a system of complete interdependence is an idea that is shared with many other writers. Specifically, the 18th century writers of Steuart and Smith share Hagel’s point of view. Both Steuart and Smith believe self-interest is essential in explaining the creation of the modern world. They agree that when individuals peruse their selfish interests and in turn, become dependent in one another, and consequently create the modern economy. However, they differ in the nature of how these two principles interplay in economic activity (production and exchange).
In Steuart’s point of view, the economy is a social system. He calls it the political oeconomy. Steuart details that self-interest, expediency, duty, or passions are humans underlying motives. But that is all humans have in common. In other all matters, humans are completely different. All people are unique with a vast array of different opinions and behaviors. With that said, he believes it’s an important motive of human nature that is very consistent and predictable and believes it is related to the economy. He outlines that it is necessary for the economy to be effective. If everyone perused the public good the economy would be a disaster, but through self-interested behaviors it works. In his view people act on their own free will with personal interests but do so through interacting with others. On the one hand there is…

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