Essay about The Modern World Is The Mosaic

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One of the least common art forms in the contemporary art world is the mosaic. Compared to the more common art forms such as painting or ceramics, mosaics have decreased in use from their peak in the ancient world. However, this does not diminish the importance and beauty of mosaics, but rather allows modern societies to admire an art form that it is unfamiliar and exotic, with many intricacies that are not at first obvious. Commissioned mainly by the rich, mosaics grew and spread across the ancient world with many different varieties and styles being developed.
Mosaics in the ancient world required incredibly specialized artisans and a large amount of materials. The various requirements translate into mosaics being an expensive luxury of the rich and were quite a bit pricier than their common counterpart, the common fresco. So why were mosaics used to in place of the cheaper fresco?
The rigidity of mosaics materials is the key to the puzzle. When compared to frescos, the tesserae and the mortar all provide a stronger structure to the walls than the relative fragility that frescos provide with their plaster layers. The rigid shell formed by mosaics tiles was not only useful to strengthen the walls, but also to create a durable floor decoration. This was obviously more durable than frescos as floor decoration, although there are some examples of frescos used as flooring. (Ling)
Interestingly, it is the floor mosaics that have survived through history to today. Their survival…

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